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CareWorksComp is proud to be the administrator of the Ohio Assisted Living Association’s workers’ compensation group rating program. CareWorks evaluates each employer’s unique claim and premium history to find the highest level of savings – from the BWC maximum to a lesser percentage for companies with claims. For more information, or for a no-cost, no-obligation quote of your potential premium savings contact:



Beverly Westover, Program Manager

614-526-7169 or 800-837-3200




As you work on your annual budgets, and evaluate your workers' compensation costs, we ask that you keep the OALA workers’ compensation program in mind as a cost savings tool.  Significant cost savings are available through this program. OALA policy members are estimated to save over $400,000 on their workers’ compensation premiums in 2015 due to program stability and comprehensive quality services.  


CareWorks is a Dublin, Ohio based company and is the largest TPA in Ohio with resources to help you control your workers’ compensation costs.  If you have any questions on your current CWC quote or would like to receive a quote please contact Beverly Westover at 614-526-7169, or We appreciate your consideration of this program as your involvement helps the OALA and our mission and ultimately our entire industry.




Perspective Billing Overview


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Safety Accountability Letter


Important Steps to Take When a Workplace Injury Occurs


OALA Participants Safety Training (Required)


Guidelines for Group Rating Training


Participants in OALA sponsored Workers’ Compensation Group Program are required to attend two hours of safety training per year if you have a claim within the green year period or prior year.  However, others are invited to attend as well.  To learn more about Safety Training programs from CareWorksComp/Risk Control 360o and BWC contact them directly or click on the links below.

Press Release

August 2015-Payroll Report Issues

February 2015

Program Deadline Jan. 26, 2015

2015 Safety Congress & Expo



Safety Training Links:


CareWorksComp/Risk Control 360o Safety Training

Telephone: (614) 827.0360

Toll Free: (877) 360.3608










Bureau of Workers’ Compensation:

Contact: Beverly Morris

Phone: 614-562-5868



Modernizing BWC


Website for the BWC Division of Safety and Hygiene





OALA Group Workers’ Compensation Program