Change Management Website

September 22nd @ 2pm

The Role of the Sponsor on Successful Adoption of Change 

This webinar will drive awareness and understanding of the critical role sponsors play in driving change in their organizations and provide strategies to help you become a more effective sponsor.

  • Introduction and overview
  • What is change management and why is it important?
  • Change management success factors
  • Enable sponsors to drive successful change
  • Wrap-up and Q&A

October 6th @ 2pm

Organizational Resilience: Building Resiliency and Managing Change Fatigue

In this time of significant change, many organizations are suffering from change fatigue. This webinar will provide strategies to identify change fatigue and build a more resilient organization.

  • Understand historical catalysts of change
  • Know the signs of change fatigue
  • Be aware of the attributes of change-resilient organizations
  • Understand how to build resilience in your organization

October 20th @ 2pm

The Power of Analytics in Driving Change 

“How is change management going?” is a difficult question to answer without supporting data. This webinar will introduce change analytics and provide strategies to start collecting and applying change data.

  • Understand how analytics can support change management
  • Be aware of the types and sources of data to collect
  • Know how to apply analytics information to inform change management activities
  • Understand how to get started

1.0 CEUs will be offered for each webinar for total of 3.0 (BELTSS approved)

Cost: $100 per webinar OR

$275 for the full webinar series