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Our Education Center provides online training via our most recent webinars, with CEU Certificates available for successful completion. These topics will help you stay up to date on topics pertinent to assisted living.  If you have any webinar requests please reach out to our Program Director, Amee Bertke, at abertke@ohioassistedliving.org.  We will work to fulfill these requests via webinars, conference presentations, etc.



Introducing Montessori Approach to Dementia Care

February 20, 2020  @ 1:00pm EST


Presenter: Lori Horstman

LNHA & Nurses: 2.0 CEU  BELTSS approved



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Preparing for an Active Shooter in Assisted Living

Workplace Violence image

Presenter: Charles W. Brandt II

This program will highlight the most critical elements associated with the importance of preparing for and developing active shooter response guidelines for Assisted Livings (RCFs). The Healthcare environment offers unique challenges to providers in managing and responding to active shooter threats. This session will discuss the historical perspective of active shooter events in North America, statistical findings and the resources available for any facility to develop guidelines to protect workers, residents and guests should an active shooter/assailant event occur in or near your facility.

LNHA & Nurses: 1.0 CEU
Cost: OALA Member $50; Non-Member $75

Operationalizing Marijuana in RCF's

Medical marijuana buds in large prescription bottle with branded cap on black background

Presenters: Kristin West, Mary Cavanaugh, Brendon Friesen  

The legalization of medical marijuana in Ohio presents opportunities in long term care, but it also presents some interesting dilemmas and challenges. It has been used as an effective treatment for many of the ailments affecting our residents, so why aren't we all letting, or even encouraging them to use it? This presentation will discuss the current state of the federal and state laws on use of medical marijuana in Ohio and considerations for operationalizing it in residential care facilities as Ohio's Medical Marijuana Control Program comes into operation.

LNHA & Nurses: 2.0 CEU
Cost: OALA Member $60; Non-Member $120

Skilled Care in Assisted Living

therapy pic

Presenter: Malinda Deacon, RN, LNHA, MHA

Nursing practice in Assisted Living can be very different from other settings. What are the common challenges facing nurses in Assisted Living, what are some resources and support? What are the RCF rule requirements concerning skilled care? What care is prohibited? What needs to be counted? And what documentation is needed?

LNHA & Nurses: 2.0 CEU
Cost: OALA Member $60; Non-Member $120

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

A woman takes money from open wallet a Senior women. The Senior keeps them by the arm.

Presenter: Sara Costanzo

Identify financial misappropriation and situations where an elderly person may be being abused. Evaluate circumstances surrounding financial abuse, and design standard procedures that should be followed to comply with state and federal laws. Describe suspected abuse in required reports and explain suspicions to assist with investigations of abuse.

LNHA & Nurses: 1.5 CEU
Cost: OALA Member $50; Non-Member $75

OALA Residents Rights Training


Presenter: Jean Thompson

Review each of the 33 Residents’ Rights in Ohio law through 2 videos. (2nd video details the 33rd resident right)  Learn the role of each staff member in ensuring these rights. Hear the application of each of these rights discussed, including examples relevant for individuals working in different roles within Assisted Living in Ohio.

LNHA & Nurses: 1.0 CEU
Cost: OALA Member $35; Non-Member $75

  Ohio Building & Fire Code Changes/Impacts


Presenter: Howard Shergalis, RA

Topics and information to be covered:

Building Code Changes, Fire Codes Changes, Practical aspects of carbon monoxide alarm installations, Other building and fire code commonly asked questions.

No CEU's provided
Cost: OALA Member FREE; Non-Member $40