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Our Education Center provides online training via our most recent webinars, with CEU Certificates available for successful completion. These topics will help you stay up to date on topics pertinent to assisted living.  If you have any webinar requests please reach out to our Program & Education Director, Kelli Meyung, at kellim@ohioassistedliving.org.  We will work to fulfill these requests via webinars, conference presentations, etc.




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Nurse Documentation


Presenter:  Melissa Shanmugam

We receive a lot of questions on nurse documentation, particularly in Assisted Living. Join Melissa Shanmugam, Associate Director as she delivers: Understanding Assisted Living Documentation: Diving into the what & why's.

With this webinar, our goal is to help answer some of your questions and give perspective to the role of documentation in Assisted Living.

1.5 BELTSS CEUs offered for this webinar
Cost: $60 for Members, $85 for Non-Members

Sexual Intimacy in the

AL Setting


Sexual Intimacy

In AL we need to understand and define sexuality and what it means to residents.  Once we understand the positive effects of intimacy and sexuality for residents, we can change our preconditioned attitudes towards sex among seniors.  Helping change attitudes toward sexuality in AL's will improve outcomes from sexuality related incidents.  We will review how dementia affects sexual consent in AL's.

2 BELTSS CEUs offered for this webinar
Cost: $60.00 for Members & $80.00 for Nonmembers

Presenter:  Lori Horstman

Ohio Assisted Living Waiver

ALW pic

Presenter: Melissa Shanmugam, BSN, WCC

Learn about the ALW program and how it operates in Ohio. Discuss how to become a "certified provider", what makes residents eligible and how they are enrolled into the program. Review the current payment structures and the impact client liability has on your payment for services as a provider. Explore the complexity of complying with rules from ODH, ODA and ODM/MyCare. Information regarding the impact of Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) definitions and how to comply with these requirements from the federal government will be covered.


LNHA & Nurses: 2.5 CEU  BELTSS approved
Cost: OALA Members $100, Non-Members $185

Medical Marijuana & CBD in Assisted Living

cbd cannabis webinar

Presenter: Rob Leffler & Janet Feldkamp 

Providers, residents, and families are all asking questions about the use of medical marijuana and CBD in Assisted Living.  While the use of CBD is easier to interpret as a "supplement," medical marijuana for residents or staff still poses unique questions as it is federally still not legal, and not a "prescription" from a physician as well as not obtainable through a facility's pharmacy.  Attend this webinar given by a pharmacist, an attorney, and a provider to discuss these challenges.


LNHA & Nurses: 2 CEU's  BELTSS approved
Cost: OALA Members $60, Non-Members $80

Introducing Montessori Approach to Dementia Care


Presenter: Lori Horstman

All too often persons with dementia have been told or taught that they are no longer capable. They are taught to believe that someone must take care of them because they are no longer able to care for themselves. It is very easy to train dependency in dementia. What if we viewed dementia as a disability rather than a disease? The emphasis would shift to focusing on their abilities and strengths rather than on what they can no longer do.

LNHA & Nurses: 2.0 CEU
Cost: OALA Member $60; Non-Member $80

Preparing for an Active Shooter in Assisted Living

Workplace Violence image

Presenter: Charles W. Brandt II

This program will highlight the most critical elements associated with the importance of preparing for and developing active shooter response guidelines for Assisted Livings (RCFs). The Healthcare environment offers unique challenges to providers in managing and responding to active shooter threats. This session will discuss the historical perspective of active shooter events in North America, statistical findings and the resources available for any facility to develop guidelines to protect workers, residents and guests should an active shooter/assailant event occur in or near your facility.

LNHA & Nurses: 1.0 CEU
Cost: OALA Member $60; Non-Member $80

Transfer and Discharge...

The Nitty Gritty

Transfer & Discharge

Presenters: Chris Tost

Do you need to discharge a resident?  Are they a danger to themselves or others?  Are they not paying the bill?  What can you legally do?  Learn the Transfer and Discharge process found in the Residents' Rights section of Ohio Law.  Discuss the 30-day written notice requirement, process for immediate (less than 30 day discharge), hearing and appeal process.


2 BELTSS CEUs offered for this webinar
Cost: $50 for Members & $80 for Nonmembers

OALA Residents Rights Training


Presenter: Jean Thompson

Review each of the 33 Residents’ Rights in Ohio law through 2 videos. (2nd video details the 33rd resident right)  Learn the role of each staff member in ensuring these rights. Hear the application of each of these rights discussed, including examples relevant for individuals working in different roles within Assisted Living in Ohio.

LNHA & Nurses: 1.0 CEU
Cost: OALA Member $60; Non-Member $80