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OALA's 2022 RCF Rule Binder

Rule binder 2022

OALA has a rule binder with the most relevant rules and laws impacting Assisted Living (RCF) providers.  It includes the AL Medicaid Waiver and MyCare managed care rules; along with the criminal background check, DNR, certified medication aide rules, and the most pertinent sections of the Ohio Revised Code.  Updated rules, with an introduction for each section and a numbered table of contents are included ...allowing for easy reference.    

Cost: $145 Members, $185 Non-Members

OALA Sample Resident Agreement & ALW Addendum

The Ohio Assisted Living Association, in conjunction with Rolf Goffman Martin & Lang LLP, offers members a resident agreement template that includes an addendum for AL Waiver residents. The agreement and addendum are sold together, because the addendum refers to language in the body of the resident agreement.

OALA provides the sample resident agreement and updates it at intervals, prompted by RCF regulation change. It is meant to be a starting point for the development of a facility’s own residency agreement. And, like all operational documents should be scheduled for periodic review in order to try to maintain compliance with not only laws, but departmental interpretations as well.

The document takes into consideration changes in the law and known enforcement activity.  Rolf Law has updated the document through 2019.

The cost of this edition is $550.

When you order and pay for the agreement and associated addendum,  OALA will notify Rolf Law and a copy of both will be emailed directly to you from them.  Therefore,  PayPal or credit card payment is advised to speed the process.