RCF Regulations

This is a general overview of assisted living regulations in Ohio.  If you are a member, please visit the Members Only section of our website for more in-depth information.  

In Ohio, assisted living communities housing seventeen or more individuals are licensed as Residential Care Facilities (RCFs) by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).  Smaller communities that want to provide some skilled nursing care services must also be licensed as RCFs.  Interested persons can find the licensing standards for RCFs in rules 3701-16-01 to 18 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).  These rules are available on ODH’s website.  Smaller facilities providing only personal care services are licensed through the Ohio Department of Mental Health:  mha.ohio.gov

Other rules also apply to licensed RCFs, including Residents' Rights (OAC 3701-61) and the criminal record background check requirements for staff providing direct care to residents (OAC 3701-13).  Additionally, OAC 4723-27 covers the Certified Medication Aide Program (MA-C); and  OAC 173-39-01 through -08, from the Ohio Dept. of Aging, and OAC 5160-33, from the Ohio Dept. of Medicaid, have the rules for the Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver program.  Besides complying with the above-referenced rules, RCFs also have to meet additional requirements in Ohio law (Ohio Revised Code) as licensed "homes".  This includes the section that grants Residents' Rights (ORC 3721.13).  A rule binder with the most relevant rules and laws for Ohio RCFs can be purchased below.  Other requirements are found in the Ohio Building Code, Ohio Fire Code, and the Ohio Food Code. 

OALA's 2022 Rule Binder

OALA has a rule binder with the most relevant rules and laws impacting Assisted Living (RCF) providers.  It includes the AL Medicaid Waiver and MyCare managed care rules; along with the criminal background check, DNR, certified medication aide rules, and the most pertinent sections of the Ohio Revised Code.  Updated rules, with an introduction for each section and a numbered table of contents are included ...allowing for easy reference.    

The RCF rule section includes the new revised RCF rules; along with a helpful color coded copy of the previous RCF rules with the changes clearly marked.
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Rule binder 2022