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OALA Sponsored

Workers’ Compensation Program

Sedgwick is proud to be the administrator of the Ohio Assisted Living Association’s workers’ comp program. Sedgwick evaluates each employer’s unique claim and premium history to find the highest level of savings. Significant cost savings are available through this program. OALA group members are estimated to save over $16,000 on average for the current policy year.  For more information, or for a no-cost, no-obligation quote of your potential premium savings contact:

Cordell Walton
Business Development Manager

Phone: (614) 827-0398
Toll Free: (800) 837-3200 ext.52398

For over 50 years, Sedgwick has been helping employers navigate Ohio's workers' compensation system, providing services to help them control claim-related costs and reduce premiums.  Their team includes the experienced collegues from CompManagement and CareWorks Comp. The two companies merged and are now Sedgwick. Together they serve nearly 65,000 Ohio employers including organizations of all sizes operating in various industries across the state. Group rating programs administered by Sedgwick have produced over $4 billion in savings since group rating was introduced in 1991. Contact Cordell with questions or to receive a quote.

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Safety Accountability


OALA Participants Safety Training

Participants in OALA sponsored Workers’ Compensation Group Program are required to attend two hours of safety training per year if you have a claim within the green year period or prior year.  However, others are invited to attend as well.  To learn more about Safety Training programs from Sedgwick and BWC contact them directly or click on the links below.

Sedgwick Safety Training

Phone: (614) 827-0398
Toll Free: (800) 625-6588

Sedgwick Safety Resource Page


Bureau of Workers’ Compensation:

Contact: Beverly Morris
Phone: (614) 562-5868

BWC Website - Division of Safety and Hygiene