OALA is committed to being part of the solution in Workforce Development!

Senior care has a significant economic impact to our state and we pride ourselves in promoting the continued growth of quality assisted living in Ohio. Senior living communities contribute more than $4.8 billion per year to Ohio’s economy; employ more than 36,800 staff; provide health insurance and retirement benefits; and pay at least $139.4 million to local governments.

The jobs in this industry, both directly and indirectly supported, employ more than 36,800 staff members! Senior Living jobs continue to rise; with this it becomes important to not only retain employees but to assist others in seeing this industry as a career path.


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Workforce Development has many layers! OALA supports the partnerships at all levels: K-12 Schools, Career Centers, Technical schools, Vocational schools, Community colleges and Universities.

Apprenticeships are a great way to upskill your employees showing you are invested in their career growth. There is a 90% retention with employees that go through apprenticeship programs while working.

Discover how you can build career ladders for employees to reduce on-boarding costs and increase diversity throughout your workforce. Covers how you get started, what documents are needed, what college/educational program you can partner with, and more.

Senior Living Works

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OALA is a proud supporter of our national affiliate's, Argentum, Senior Living Works Program. Senior Living Works offers industry professionals an all-encompassing resource to inspire their workforce and recruit for the future.

This is a resource to highlight the careers and opportunities in the dynamic senior living industry. Our industry has a range of careers that share one thing in common: a passion for serving the residents in our care.

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Whether you are an employer seeking education partners and referrals or a jobseeker looking to upgrade your skills, find useful information here...